Form Object
UHP (Ultra High Purity)
Semiconductor and Flat Panel
Innovative Fluid Handling Components
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Pyramid Group R4i Series
Electropolished UHP

316L UHP Pre-fabricated
Laterals. Diaphragm valves
placed at customer designated
Intervals. Available in lengths
up to 24� long.
Evans DM Series Purge

The Evans Purge Tool is a
five-bank manifold
designed to be mounted
onto the column in the
sub-fab, (individually or
multiples ganged together)
and used to distribute UHP
Grade Construction Argon.
Test report
Evans Purge Station.

The Evans Purge Station
is a ten-bank manifold
with purifier designed to
be mounted on the
column in the sub-fab,
and used to distribute
Nitrogen for blow down,
Purge, and line
qualification. Test report
Co-axial Connectors
(The Evans "Dogbone")

Eliminate weld damage or
re-fabrication of the
process tube with the
easy to use, cost effective,
Evans "Dogbone" Co-axial