Form Object
UHP (Ultra High Purity)
Semiconductor and Flat Panel
Innovative Fluid Handling Components
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Pyramid Group R4i Series
Electropolished UHP

316L UHP Pre-fabricated
Laterals. Diaphragm valves
placed at customer designated
Intervals. Available in lengths
up to 24“ long.
Evans DM Series Purge

The Evans Purge Tool is a
five-bank manifold
designed to be mounted
onto the column in the
sub-fab, (individually or
multiples ganged together)
and used to distribute UHP
Grade Construction Argon.
Test report
Evans Purge Station.

The Evans Purge Station
is a ten-bank manifold
with purifier designed to
be mounted on the
column in the sub-fab,
and used to distribute
Nitrogen for blow down,
Purge, and line
qualification. Test report
Evans EcoPurge Weld Dam

The EcoPurge Dam provides the
ability to significantly reduce
purge times and Argon gas
consumption when welding
electropolished, and/or
standard tube/pipe from
sizes 2“ thru 12“.
Co-axial Connectors
(The Evans "Dogbone")

Eliminate weld damage or
re-fabrication of the
process tube with the
easy to use, cost effective,
Evans "Dogbone" Co-axial