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Evans Components has developed the industries first "Solar Grade" CFOS
(Cleaned For Oxygen Service) utility grade gas ball valve. This product, along
with a diverse package of other products specially configured to meet the
Solar Market's needs, is available from Evans.

Our Solar Grade CFOS and PCW (Process Cooling Water) components, as
well as the manifolds used to integrate them, all emerged as a result of the
specific requirements of the Solar Industry. Integrated tool hook-up
components, Solar Grade Tube, and Vic-Evans Pressfit "weld-free" specialized
pipe/tube fittings have also been developed to greatly reduce time and
installation costs of our customers.

Whether growing Solar Grade silicon, or manufacturing Solar Cells, the Evans
line of Solar Grade PCW, CFOS, and UHP (Ultra High Purity) products have
been designed with your applications in mind.

From the Gas Pad to the Tool, Evans offers cost effective, innovative solutions
for our Solar Industry Customers.
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