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Semiconductor and Flat Panel
Evans Components was the first company to create a high purity ball valve
for use in non-process gas applications within the Semiconductor Industry.
Since then, a rich history of service and innovation has made Evans
Components an important partner to the global Semiconductor and Flat
Panel Industries.

Today we offer a diverse package of products for PCW (Process Cooling
Water), CFOS (Cleaned For Oxygen Service) utility grade gases, and UHP
(Ultra High Purity) gases. Our products range in sizes from as large as 20"
(489A) for use at the gas pad (tank farm), to 1/4" for tool hook-up.

In addition, we manufacture Manifold Products; an integrated valve/tube
package that dramatically lowers overall costs and are ideal for
"fast track"

Whether for the Tank Farm or tool install, Evans offers cost effective,
innovative solutions for our Semiconductor and Flat Panel customers.
Innovative Fluid Handling Components
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