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Form Object
PCW Ball Valve Manifolds
PCW-R Tool
PCW-R Tool
PCW (Process Cooling Water)
Semiconductor and Flat Panel
Process Cooling
Water Ball Valves.

Includes specifications,
assembly types, and
manifold options for
PCW and CPCW mains.
Evans Presslok System
(PLT Series).

Weld Free Method of
running stainless 304L/316L
tube and fitting systems for PCW
Supply and Return Lines.
Test Qualifications
PCW Ball Valve Manifolds.

304L SCH10 pipe with PW Series grade ball valves placed at customer designated intervals. Lengths up to 24'. Eliminate over 50% of welds required to build laterals.
Stainless to PVC
Transition Fittings.

A robust fitting to
transition a Stainless
Line to PVC, or a PVC
Line to Stainless.
Overview of Process
Cooling Water

Product offerings and
systems for Process
Cooling Water
from Evans
Evans PW-HB Series
Hose Fittings.

The Evans PW-HB Series
fitting/hose family of products
combined with PW Series PCWS/R
hook-up sticks offers the most
cost effective option for
routing PCW to equipment.
Process Cooling
Water Regulator.

An inline regulator
for use in PVC or
Stainless PCW Lines.
Evans Duel
Pressure and
Temperature PCW

Specifications and
ordering information
for the Bi-dicator.
Process Cooling
Water Supply
Return Hook-Up

Integrated tool hook-up
sticks for use with hose,
PVC or stainless
PCWS/R hook-Up Lines

Evans Two-Piece
Mini-Ball Valves.

Evans 90 Series
Mini-Ball Valve is made
to be a robust and
economical alternative to
the Evans One-Piece 80
Series Mini-Ball Valve.
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